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The one bit of career advice that I would give anyone…find your Ikigai!



The No.1 bit of #careeradvice I would give anyone (for those for fortunate enough to be able to pursue it) and something I’ve always tried to aim for: – FIND YOUR #IKIGAI – the balance between doing: 1. something you are good at 2. Something you love 3. Something you can be paid (decently) for 4. What the world needs. We spend most of our waking days (mon-fri) at work, and 45+ years of the best years of our life at work – so don’t waste it just chasing the cash no matter what and choose wisely 🙂

Top #10 inspiring quotes – to find a job/career that makes you happy!


Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life

– Confucius

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