Everything we experience in life and how we feel about our experiences is always a result of how we approach life and interpret our experiences. In effect – we go a along way in determining what will happen to us simply through our thoughts about what we think will happen to us.

Life is often compared to a roller coaster, with its twists and turns, ups and downs – so it would be appropriate to use the experience of a roller coaster ride as a metaphor to try and explain the significance of how we approach life. Consider this example of two people preparing to get on the same roller coaster ride at an amusement park;

Tom looks at the roller coaster and tells himself its going to be a fun ride. He thinks that the dips and turns will be exciting, the speed and wind in his face invigorating, and that this is an event to ultimately enjoy and make the most of. Because of the positive internal outlook, projection or approach that Tom has, when he is riding the roller coaster his brain will be producing pleasure/fun neuro-chemicals. His entire body’s nervous system responds to the ride in a positive and healthy way, and he steps off the ride feeling invigorated, fulfilled and happy.

Jerry on the other hand looks at the roller coaster cars going to great heights and down tremendous dips and he tells himself that its dangerous – people have died on these things he says, and in doing so he is creating a negative projection of how  he will experience the ride. Notice the difference between Tom’s outlook or approach and Jerry’s. And so when Jerry begins to experience the ride, his body is constantly cranking out adrenaline, and a host of other stress hormones. As he steps of the ride, his blood pressure and heartbeat rate are soaring, his nervous system is severely strained and may have caused permanent damage.

So we see, what a difference the approaches and projective outlooks the two people had prior to the ride actually made on the way they experienced the ride.

In the larger world, this metaphor rings true to how we ourselves experience life itself. Those who approach life thinking its an exciting, fun, challenging, grand adventure – will invariably experience life in an enjoyable way. Those who tell themselves life is a constant struggle, with new pit-falls around every corner will invariably experience life in a not so positive way. So as you can see, the way we approach life plays a big determining factor in how we will actually experience It.