Each one of us has a different perspective on life, a different way of looking at and interpreting things, all of which decide the way we go about living our life…

Yet so often we deny that we have the ability to script the life that we wish to lead. We often use the excuse they we cannot do what we want to do because we just cannot change ourselves and our circumstances and we are stuck with who and where we are! We look past the truth that we can change anything if only we have belief in ourselves, a willingness to create a life according to our highest aspirations, and the inner-drive to continually push to achieve our goals and improve our lives for the better.

We can choose to engage in the blame game, making frequent use of the statement, “I couldn’t because…”, Or we can take control of our life and shape it as we truly would like. We can either let our circumstances, and past habits dictate what happens to us, or we can remove the shackles and make extra-ordinary things happen. The “yeah, buts…” Do not change and improve their lot in any sort of way – they just reinforce their delusion of their own inability to change things.

The challenge then is to realise YOU create and author your own reality. When we begin to live our life on the understanding of what we make of life is up to us, and life is as good as we make it, then we are able to shape our life in whatever ways we dare dream.