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March 2019

The one bit of career advice that I would give anyone…find your Ikigai!



The No.1 bit of #careeradvice I would give anyone (for those for fortunate enough to be able to pursue it) and something I’ve always tried to aim for: – FIND YOUR #IKIGAI – the balance between doing: 1. something you are good at 2. Something you love 3. Something you can be paid (decently) for 4. What the world needs. We spend most of our waking days (mon-fri) at work, and 45+ years of the best years of our life at work – so don’t waste it just chasing the cash no matter what and choose wisely 🙂

Video: Making the most of the precious time we have…

Naval Ravikant shares his thoughts on why he’s not afraid of death – but rather than being sombre – it opens our eyes to why we have to make the most of the precious time we have to live

10 of the best Fitness quotes


My all time Top 10 motivational quotes on fitness:

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