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Life is, what we make of it

Each one of us has a different perspective on life, a different way of looking at and interpreting things, all of which decide the way we go about living our life…

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The significance of our approach & attitude to life

Everything we experience in life and how we feel about our experiences is always a result of how we approach life and interpret our experiences. In effect – we go a along way in determining what will happen to us simply through our thoughts about what we think will happen to us.

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The Starfish Story – each of us doing our own tiny bit to improve the world

A little metaphorical story to make us realise everything we do, no matter how small, can make a difference:

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15 inspiring quotes on Gratitude. Reading these will make you instantly a little happier

There are lots and lots of things out there promising to increase your happiness in one way of other. More often than not it involves spending your money. However, one of the most effective, ‘free’ and proven ways to boost your happiness – it’s just to take stock and practice a little gratitude. And this can be done right now. Most of us have something to be grateful for – we just perhaps take things a little too much for granted, and focus on what’s wrong or what we don’t have rather than what we do have. Take a few seconds out your day to read the 15 quotes below, reflect on them a little, and it will brighten your life 🙂


In daily life we must see that it is not happiness that makes us grateful, but gratefulness that makes us happy.

David Steindl-Rast

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Creating a sense of awe & wonderment at the world

Many of us look at the world in an indifferent sort of way – taking everything for granted and rarely actually considering anything in life with awe or wonder or amazement – our life’s experience is greatly dimished as a result.

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There is no better than here

Many people believe that they will be happy once they arrive at some specific goal that they have set for themselves. Whatever your “there” is, and most of us have one, we become convinced that once we arrive “there” we will finally find the peace, happiness and contentment we have always dreamed of.

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The Rare Earth hypothesis

In planetary astronomy and astrobiology, the Rare Earth hypothesis argues that the origin of life and the evolution of biological complexity such as multicellular organisms, and, subsequently, human intelligence required an improbable combination of  astrophysical and geological events and circumstances that taken together are very very rare in the universe.

How rare planets like Earth are in the universe, which has then allowed intelligent life to form remains to be proven, but the general point of the Rare Earth hypothesis makes us consider that it does indeed take a very particular set of rare events and circumstances to produce life, and intelligent life on a planet – and we should reflect on just how special, amazing and diverse life is on this beautiful planet of ours.

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The one bit of career advice that I would give anyone…find your Ikigai!



The No.1 bit of #careeradvice I would give anyone (for those for fortunate enough to be able to pursue it) and something I’ve always tried to aim for: – FIND YOUR #IKIGAI – the balance between doing: 1. something you are good at 2. Something you love 3. Something you can be paid (decently) for 4. What the world needs. We spend most of our waking days (mon-fri) at work, and 45+ years of the best years of our life at work – so don’t waste it just chasing the cash no matter what and choose wisely 🙂

Video: Making the most of the precious time we have…

Naval Ravikant shares his thoughts on why he’s not afraid of death – but rather than being sombre – it opens our eyes to why we have to make the most of the precious time we have to live

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